Books on Depression


Whether you are looking for help with depression or just interested in reading some books about it, there are a number of books out there to help you. Whether you are looking for a novel, a non-fiction book, or a guidebook, these books can provide you with a range of information about depression and how to manage it.

Andrew Solomon’s book

Taking readers on an illuminating tour of the human experience, award-winning writer Andrew Solomon tackles the big questions about Books on depression From his own personal experience to the medical, cultural, and philosophical issues surrounding it, Solomon presents a new way to think about this often misunderstood condition.

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression is Andrew Solomon’s own account of depression, an account that is also a must-read for anyone interested in mental health. It’s filled with a wealth of information on everything from the origins of depression to the latest pharmaceutical treatments. It also explores the moral and scientific questions surrounding the emerging biological explanations for mental illness.

Lincoln’s Melancholy by Joshua Wolf Shenk

Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln suffered from deep depression. Joshua Wolf Shenk’s book, Lincoln’s Melancholy, explores Lincoln’s psychological state. Shenk draws on the latest research, eyewitness testimony, and the writings of Lincoln’s friends and family to present a thoughtful portrait of Lincoln’s emotional state.

Shenk spent seven years researching Lincoln. Shenk consulted a number of Lincoln scholars to determine the extent of Lincoln’s depression. Shenk uses Lincoln’s writings to reveal Lincoln’s symptoms, treatments, and his efforts to come to terms with his melancholy.

Shenk makes a very strong case for the extent of Lincoln’s depression. Shenk also presents fascinating details of Lincoln’s life. Shenk writes that Lincoln’s depression helped shape his personality.

Grace for the Afflicted by Matthew Stanford

Having the honor of being the CEO of Hope and Healing Center & Institute in Houston, Texas, Stanford has seen his fair share of the human condition. Having worked as a counselor in the past, he is more than a little bit on the ball when it comes to the mental health business. With that in mind, Stanford has a knack for providing clients with a well rounded medley of mental health solutions. Having been around for a few decades, he knows a thing or two about the human mind and the ailment that afflicts it.

Straight Talk on Depression by David Burns

Using scientific techniques, David Burns outlines how to reclaim your personal power and overcome depression. His book includes inspiring stories and practical tools to help you boost your mood.

One in four Americans is affected by depression, and there is a stigma associated with the condition. In his book, Burns wants to break the stigma by giving people tools to help them through their depression.

The first step in healing is shifting your mindset. You must believe that things will get better. You must also realize that there are many others struggling with the same problems.

For: An Exploration of Depression, Friendships, and Relationships by Sabrina Benaim

Having a mental health crisis can be a painful experience, but Sabrina Benaim’s poetry collection offers a fresh perspective. Her debut collection is full of insightful poems about mental health issues and coping with episodes. These poems offer hope for those who are struggling with depression.

Benaim’s poems explore the emotional toll of depression and the ways in which sufferers cope with it. The poems also explore the effects of a mental illness on a sufferer’s relationship with their loved ones.

In her debut collection, Sabrina Benaim combines performance art and poetry to address issues relating to mental illness. Her poetry explores love, self-love, family, and body image, as well as the stigma attached to mental health. These themes are explored in an unpretentious, understandable manner.

The Antidote by Allie Brosh

Whether you’re suffering from depression or you’re just curious about it, Brosh’s new book The Antidote: The Adventures of Depression and a Half will give you an honest look at how people with mental health issues cope. Using cartoon images, Brosh explores how she coped with her own depression and what others can do to improve their own lives.

Brosh is known for her quirky cartoon-and-text combination posts. This has helped her reach many people with her stories. Thousands visit her site every month.

Brosh has a knack for drawing complex emotions with simplistic illustrations. Her drawings are humorous and often make readers cry. She explains that she’s inspired by stand-up comedy and comic creators.