Bring Down the Walls of Cartegena


In the sixteenth hundred years, Cartagena was a conspicuous Spanish port and was the chief stockpiling stop for valuable fortune pillaged by the Spanish from the Indians of Focal and South America. Treasure was put away in Cartagena until it very well may be shipped back to Spain. Thus, Cartagena was routinely gone after by crowds of privateers working all through the Caribbean. Such unmistakable marauders as Sir Francis Drake and Edward Vernon fired it over and again. To shield against such assaults, the Spaniards constructed a progression of forts and walls around the city. The walls expected very nearly two centuries to finish and were done an only a brief time before the Spanish were first removed from the city. Today Cartagena’s old town stays encompassed by the fight scarred Las Murallas (the walls).

In any case, even in present day times, consistently, a great many guests actually storm the walls of old Cartegena looking for treasure. For this situation, its fortune lied in its many cobbled roads, enchanting bistros, courts of flowing bouganvilla, and its authentic destinations. This fortune offers the guest an encounter unrivaled along the Caribbean shore.

The old city is in two sections the inward walled town highlighting the greater part of the pioneer structures and squares and the external walled town of Getsemani. Getsemani, initially, was the region where African slaves were housed. Presently it includes Cartagena’s Assembly hall, a few verifiable houses of worship, and the Parque Centenario.

A portion of the old city’s most outstanding contributions to guests incorporate the accompanying:

Squares: A portion of the more bright incorporate Court de los Coches, Court de la Aduana, Square St Nick Teresa, Square de Bolivar, and Square de San Pedro Claver.

Palacio de la Inquisicion: Not just a great illustration of pioneer engineering, it was here that the blasphemers were charged and rebuffed by the Discipline Council of the Heavenly Office.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas: Right external the old city, this was presumed to be the biggest and most grounded stronghold at any point worked by the Spanish. It is a wonderful construction and definitely worth the visit.

Las Bovedas: This is a complex of 23 prisons constructed first to story military weapons however later utilized as a prison. It was highlighted in the film Romancing the Stone (Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner).

Regardless assuming that you go to Vacation Cartagena Colombia just to see the old city or to look for one of the Galeones close the mediterrean cost you should rest assured that there is a great deal of decent things to see and do.

Dont fail to remember that ages ago Spain was one of the most rich and strong nations in the mediterrenian in this manner the design and the way of life are exceptionally fantastic.