Button Head Screw


A button head screw has a rounded domed surface that is driven by an allen wrench or hex key. These are fasteners used for light-duty applications, such as furniture assembly and other woodworking projects. They have a wide load bearing surface, which helps them resist loosening. Their low profile provides a more finished appearance. They also tend to have a smaller diameter than other screw heads, which can make them ideal when space is limited.

A socket cap screw’s head is recessed, so it sits flush with the surface it attaches to, which eliminates protrusions that could catch on clothing or other materials. The socket design also creates a larger contact area with the tool used to drive it, which produces greater torque than other screw head designs.

Other screw head types include binder, bugle, trim, truss, and wafer heads. Binder heads are similar to flat heads but have a wider bearing surface that allows them to be installed flush with the surrounding material. Bugle heads have a lower profile than standard 82 degree countersunk screws and are designed to minimize damage by spreading the stress of driving over a larger surface area.

Socket head cap screws can be found in a variety of materials, including metric and inch sizes and a range of thread lengths. Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 Button Head Socket Cap Screws in Property Class 10.9 and A2 Stainless Steel, as well as a full line of other standard and specialty fasteners for all your needs. Button Head Screw