Buying a Fridge – The Thing’s to Consider


The first thing you should do when purchasing a fridge is measure the space that you intend the fridge to go in. Its simple,Buying a Fridge - The Thing's to Consider Articles there is no use looking for a fridge if you’re not sure how big the space is that it needs to fit in. Basically if you are moving into a new place you should ask for measurements or access to take measurements before you start looking.

Work out what budget you have to spend on your fridge, then try and do your best to stick to it.

There are quite a few different styles of fridges available so you should have a look at all of the styles and decide which is best for you. Different styles of fridges suite different needs;

Top Mount Fridge

This is the most common fridge that you will see, freezer on top and fridge below. A top mount fridges comes in a large range of sizes from 180Ltrs – (height 1400mm, width 500mm, depth 580mm) approx up to 580Ltrs height 1800mm, width 850mm, depth 700mm) approx. These fridges are usually suited to anywhere from 1-4 people.

Bottom Mount Fridge

Bottom mount fridges are a style that have come about in the last 5 or so years and are becoming more and more popular. Bottom mount fridges are basically the same as a top mount fridge flipped upside down. You will usually find that the ratio of fridge to freezer is less in a bottom mount than a top mount i.e. More freezer less fridge. Bottom mount fridges come in a range of sizes from 370Ltrs – (height 1600mm, width 630mm, depth 600mm) approx up to 580Ltrs height 1800mm, width 850mm, depth 700mm) approx. These fridges are usually suited to anywhere from 1-4 people.

Side by Side Fridge

Side by side fridges are usually found more in the family households as they generally have a larger internal size which helps cater for families. Side by side fridges come with a few different options depending on models such as, ice and water dispenser, home bar (drinks access from the front of the fridge door) and even televisions. A disadvantage of a side by side fridge is that the fridge and freezer space is not so wide so this makes them not so good for large platters etc.

French Door Fridge

These are similar to side by side fridges in size. The difference being, these fridges are split horizontally and not vertically giving them the same space as the equivalent side by side but with more width in the fridge and freezer.

Pigeon Pair (Vertical Fridge/Freezer)

A pigeon pair is a matching but separate fridge and freezer that are designed to stand side by side. The advantage being that you get a full size fridge and a full size freezer. The main issue with these is usually that they have a combined width of over a meter and in most households are just not practical. You will find that generally pigeon pairs are made by limited brands such as Fisher and Paykel and Westinghouse.

I hope that after reading this article you are now more informed when it comes to purchasing your new fridge, and that you don’t make the mistakes some shoppers often do. rv refrigerators