Choosing a Kiddush Cup


A kiddush cup is a beautiful vessel for a special Jewish blessing that sanctifies wine or grape juice. The cup is the recipient of the blessing that marks the start of Shabbat, holidays and other celebrations. The cup can be made of silver, glass or regular ceramic and is a gorgeous addition to any table setting.

Kiddush cups are often a symbol of family and tradition that is handed down from one generation to the next. For that reason they are also popular gifts for Jewish weddings and other milestone occasions. A gorgeous engraved kiddush cup can be an ideal way to commemorate a loved one’s special moment.

There are several different styles of kiddush cups available including beaker style cups and curved glasses with prominent engraving around the base or the rim. Some cups feature intricate decorations and elaborate filigree work that take hours or days to complete. Others have a more minimalist design with simple lines and subtle embellishments like scrolling or etching.

The most important consideration when choosing a kiddush cup is that it should be mevushal (kosher). Wine that has been touched by non-Jews or by gentiles is tainted and may not be used for kiddush. A cup of tainted wine should be rinsed and refilled with even a miniscule amount of untainted wine.

Some poskim prefer to use a silver kiddush cup however if you are looking for something more modern we have an excellent choice of gorgeous contemporary cups in stunning metallic colors that will instantly catch the eye. If you are hosting a large crowd it’s advisable to provide each guest with their own individual kiddush cup so they don’t have to share the same cup that could potentially contain germs. kiddush cup