Custom Sport Socks Football


Football isn’t called the gridiron for nothing – players face hard hits and tough plays. That’s why socks with padding near the toe and heel are a must for any player who wants to avoid the sore feet after the game.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for custom sport socks football that will keep players feeling like they’re ready for the next game day. The fabric blends, double-welt top, blister control and other details available make it easy to find a pair of custom socks that will help your player perform at their best on the field.

Moisture wicking is a must for any sports sock, but when it comes to football socks it’s especially important. The high-tech synthetic fabrics used in most performance socks are great at pulling sweat away from the skin and then drying super fast. This keeps a player’s feet cool and dry all the way to the final whistle.

Many players prefer to wear socks with a double-welt top. This prevents the socks from falling down in the middle of a big play or in the heat of a huddle. It also helps to protect the calf muscles of the player.

Some players have even been known to cut holes in their socks, but this isn’t recommended. It puts unnecessary pressure on the calf muscle, and it can even lead to cramps and injuries. Moreover, the holes can actually interfere with the fit of the shoe and can cause blisters. Instead, look for a pair of socks that have blister control features like smooth material that won’t irritate skin or a heel to toe design that reduces unwanted friction at the heel.