Different Types of Rehabilitation Products Offered By Kebo Care


Rehabilitation is necessary for disabled or injured people without it the recovery process of the individual slows down. Rehabilitation helps the patient to recover faster so that he can continue living a normal life without depending on anybody. Rehabilitation products is also useful for people who are undergoing surgeries and need to recover from that immobility. Sometimes after a surgery the person becomes immobile and faces difficulty. Hence investing in lösningar för fysisk funktionsträning is highly important. Therefore,Guest Posting for this purpose purchasing rehabilitation products is necessary. Given below are some of the products which can be useful for disabled, injured people.

1. Shower Stool: If a person is disabled or has injured himself then he might face difficulty in performing daily routine activities such as taking shower, visiting the loo, cooking, etc. Taking bath is the most important routine as without one people feel unhygienic. Shower stool decreases the problem of taking shower and makes the process of bathing easier. Since the stool is adjustable one can adjust the chair according to the required height. Also, the stool is highly durable and has non- slip resistant properties which makes it safe for the person to take shower. Some shower stools are portable, which means one can remove the stool from the tub if other members of the family wish to take shower. Shower stool can be directly attached inside the tub or can be removed if the need arises.

2. Reflex Hammer: Another important product is reflex hammer. For eliciting the response of deep tendon reflexes then one should buy a reflex hammer. Reflex hammer helps physicians to find out any abnormalities present in the central or nervous system. A reflex hammer is used to tap right below the knee cap to determine if the knee is injured or not. But apart from the knee, it can be used on other parts of the body too. There are many types of hammer developed to test various parts of the body.

3. Massage Ball: When individuals are really stressed and want some relief from their daily routine they can resort to using massage balls. It helps to relieve stress and are beneficial for people if they have some form of disability and need to recover faster. There are many types of massage balls used as lösningar för fysisk funktionsträning. The product is designed to suit every person’s requirement. So it can be used on your back or if your fingers are not properly functional then squeezing this can relieve some stress and help your fingers to recover faster.

4. Hand Dynamometer: A dynamometer is used to test the person’s hand grip ability and strength. This type of product is used in the health care industry to evaluate recovering patients with regards to hand and motion strength. A dynamometer can be used to conduct variety of tests and for measuring different ability. fenben lab fenbendazol