Fenbendazole 222mg Capsules For Humans


Fenbendazole is a veterinary medication known by brand names such as Panacur C and Safe-Guard that has been used since 1974 to treat parasites and worms in animals. It’s also been discovered to prevent tumor growth by inducing apoptosis and blocking cancer cell access to sugar. It has been used to treat many cancer patients around the world, and Joe Tippens claims that it saved his life after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2021.

He took the dog dewormer and combined it with Vitamin E, curcumin, CBD oil, and a few other supplements that are all being investigated for their potential cancer-prevention properties. He explains that he has “never been sick again” since starting the protocol, and that the cancer metastases in his brain have disappeared.

Research into fenbendazole as an anticancer drug has been picking up steam, with an especially strong push in 2019 after John Hopkins scientists accidentally discovered that it stopped glioblastoma tumors from growing in their laboratory mice. It has three major impacts on cancer: reactivating p53, inducing apoptosis, and blocking cancer cell glucose absorption. In addition, it can be combined with paclitaxel to inhibit tumor cell proliferation and prevent the development of resistance.

The dosage of fenbendazole for humans is 222mg per day and is available as pills, liquid, or granules. Regardless of which dosage you choose, it’s important to follow a consistent regimen so that the medicine can take effect and start working for you. It’s also important to avoid other medications while taking fenbendazole, such as salicylanilides (the antibiotic used to treat scabies). fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans