Fire Damage Cleaning London


When a property is affected by fire it’s not just the obvious burnt areas that need cleaning and repairing. There is also the more pervasive damage that smoke causes, including discolouration and lingering odours. These problems aren’t just unsightly but also pose a health risk, especially to anyone that stays in the property in the aftermath of a fire.

Our expert team is available to help with fire damage cleaning london and can be on site quickly after the emergency services have finished putting out the fire and declared your premises safe to enter. We will complete a fire restoration survey of your property which will gauge the extent of the damage and help us to provide you with an estimate for the restoration works.

As soon as this is completed, decontamination of the property can begin and we will work together with you to make arrangements for removal of any furniture that can be saved, to be cleaned and deodorised, or stored if necessary. We’ve encountered too many cases where builders or contractors try to cut corners by decorating over soot and smoke damaged surfaces without first decontaminating and deodorising the property – this causes a whole host of other problems that can be costly in the long run.

Our experienced team use a range of cleaning techniques including odour neutralisation using our state of the art patented system ‘Biosweep’. This guarantees 100% odour removal while decontaminating the air and surfaces within your Kent property.  fire damage cleaning london