Football Socks Grip


In a sport where split second advantages are common, many players seek every edge they can get to increase their chance of success. One such advantage comes in the form of football grip socks.

Grip socks have been used by some of the best teams in the world, enhancing stability, comfort and traction – giving players that extra confidence to step up a gear. They are also ideal for preventing blisters, especially during long training sessions and matches, where even a small amount of discomfort can impact performance.

Blisters are a common problem for players, especially during warmer weather, when new boots and hard ground are a recipe for foot pain. Grip socks prevent blisters by providing a layer of additional cushioning and padding underneath your normal team socks, which reduces friction between the foot and shoe. This can help avoid painful sores, particularly in the ball of the foot area, which is prone to blisters from the constant pressure placed on it.

Unlike traditional football socks, grip socks are designed to sit under your team socks, so they are only visible to the eye at the heel. This allows them to be used with any type of team socks, which can be helpful if you play for a club with specific kit requirements, such as a particular color or style of sock.

Generally, grip socks should be worn with a shin pad sleeve which sits just above them, keeping them in place. Alternatively, some players choose to cut the foot section of their team socks to wear them with grip socks. This allows them to keep their team socks in place but maximise the benefits of grip socks. football socks grip