Grainger Hardness Testers For Sale


Using the right hardness tester can help you measure the effective hardness of materials and components in a wide variety of applications. This type of testing equipment can also help you assess the effectiveness of processes and determine what changes need to be made. Grainger carries a number of different types of hardness testers for sale including Rockwell testers, Brinell testers, Vickers testers and Leebs testers. These versatile devices are ideal for use in a number of industries such as metal fabrication, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military and photonics.

The rockwell hardness tester for sale uses a diamond cone or penetrating steel ball to make an impression in the surface of the material being tested. The depth of the indentation is then measured to provide a hardness number. This testing method is very simple and can be used to test a large number of different materials. This is why it’s one of the most popular tests available.

Rockwell digital hardness testers feature fully automated load/unload procedures and a micro computer controlled touch screen. These models allow you to program your scale conversions, dwell times and statistical capabilities. They can be used to test in all the regular Rockwell scales as well as HB, HV, HRC and HK. This state of the art portable hardness tester is ideal for industrial and automotive applications.

Designed to be the most accurate hardness tester on the market, this model features a closed-loop electronic force measuring system, closed-loop electronic depth measurement and auto-probe detection. This provides incredibly precise results for the most demanding applications. The 900-415 digital model is capable of testing in all the regular Rockwell scales and can easily be converted to HB, HV, HRC and Leeb.

This device is suitable for testing hardness of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. It also offers a range of programmable dwell times, a statistical capability and a test counter. This model is capable of measuring in the most popular regular Rockwell scales and can be easily converted to HB, HV, HRC, Leeb and HK.

A Knoop hardness tester is similar to a Rockwell indenter except that it uses a narrow diamond shaped indenter rather than a penetrating steel ball. This allows the user to measure a much smaller impression than other testing methods. This is perfect for thin samples and materials that cannot be tested with a diamond cone.

This portable hardness tester is great for testing small precision parts, thin materials, wires and case depth hardness. It is the only unit in its class that can measure a surface hardness as well as an indentation. It can also be used to measure the impact resistance of materials in the microelectronics, material science, materials manufacturing and aerospace industries.