Happiness Quotes to Keep You Energized and Positive


Happiness is more than just a state of mind; it’s a life-long pursuit. But, happiness isn’t always easy. It requires a healthy dose of optimism and the ability to look beyond one’s current circumstances. That’s why we gathered up some of the best happiness quotes to keep you feeling energized and positive about your life.

It’s not that the things we do or don’t have influence our happiness level – it’s that what we think about those things does. The more positive and optimistic you are, the happier you’ll be – even if you don’t have all the latest gadgets or an amazing job.

Often, happiness is found when we stop focusing on ourselves and instead, focus on helping others. It could be as simple as making a meal for a friend or volunteering at a homeless shelter. Taking the time to help others is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. The happiness you feel from doing this will far outweigh any negative feelings you might experience along the way.

Another great thing about happiness is that it’s a choice. You can’t find it (which is why so few people who are searching for it ever do) – you have to choose to be happy. That means making values-based decisions and checking in with yourself regularly to ensure that your choices align with your true priorities.

There are many different factors that influence your happiness meter, from your genetics to your environment and your relationships. Some of these factors are more powerful than others, and some might change over time. For example, studies have shown that the British are more interested in positive change than the Americans are, and that Australians tend to feel happier when they recall happy memories.

But, no matter what makes you happy, it’s important to remember that happiness is a constant work in progress. Trying to be happy all the time can be exhausting, so be sure to give yourself some downtime and enjoy your successes.

It’s also important to realize that happiness isn’t the same as joy. Joy is a fleeting emotion, but happiness can be a lasting feeling. Happiness is a balance of positive and negative emotions, and it’s important to have both in your life.

So, don’t let anyone tell you that happiness is a waste of time or that you shouldn’t seek it. It’s important to remember that happiness is elusive and it can be difficult to achieve, but it’s worth it. The key is to make it a goal and not just an expectation. Once you set the goal, it becomes much easier to accomplish. So, go out and make today a day to be happy! You deserve it. Cheers!