Healing Codes


The healing codes are a series of simple processes that balance our energy, heal cellular stress and remove core emotional issues that are the source of 95% of all illness and disease. They seek out harmful cellular memories and “heart junk” that are creating stress at the deepest level of our beings and suppressing our natural immune system. When these cellular stressors are healed, our bodies can do the amazing job that it was designed to do.

The Healing Codes have been shown to be effective for numerous ailment conditions in double-blind university studies. These quantum healing processes are very simple and can be done by anyone of any age or experience level. They can be combined or repeated as often as necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The Healing Codes have also been used to help people with various emotional and relational problems and have even produced life-changing results in financial, spiritual and relationship areas of their lives.

If you have a health issue, the first thing to do is get a custom healing code for it from a practitioner (there are many to choose from on our directory). This will be the most effective way to focus on your specific issue and to ensure that it is being addressed. Over time, the custom code will become less and less ‘tuned’ to your specific issue, at which point it is recommended that you either return to the universal codes or to a different practitioner for another custom code.