Hire Mini Golf – How to Make Your Mini Golf Hire Event a Success


When you hire mini golf you’re investing in an all-round family fun attraction that can be used indoors or out all year round and is safe to play on all types of flat surfaces. Our award winning portable crazy golf course has 9 holes that can be played freely for guests to enjoy or competitively with numbered flags and obstacles (Loop the Loop, Barn House, Lighthouse, Wishing Well, Challenge Ramps) and also includes a full set of putters, low bounce balls, pencils and scorecards. Add friendly stewards to manage the game and create the perfect ambiance, and you’ve got yourself an event!

People love taking selfies on their smartphones and social media, so by providing awesome photo ops at select spots around your mini golf course, you’re passively encouraging your visitors to promote your business on their social channels. This type of marketing can be inexpensive, yet very effective, and you could offer a prize for the best selfie of the day – which will boost engagement levels even more.

Teenagers in every community are constantly looking for a cool hangout where they can socialize without being accused of loitering, so market your mini golf course as a wholesome, fun and inviting place to meet friends. Provide a drinks and snacks counter, modern music and cool mood lighting to attract the teenage demographic, and you’ll be building a loyal client base within your local community. hire mini golf