How to Choose the Best Employee Communication Apps


employee communication apps are a critical component of workplace productivity. They provide a single gateway to company information and allow for direct, real-time messaging that enables teams to collaborate and address concerns as they arise. While there are many exceptional apps to choose from, selecting the best one will depend on your goals and objectives. Evaluate each app based on its features and capabilities, and ensure it can meet the size of your workforce, preferred communication channels, and integration requirements. Invest in functionality that directly supports your goals and prioritizes future growth and scalability.

Message Blasts

A few apps are designed to simplify the process of sending out message blasts, which can be useful for communicating with large groups. The Smarp eNewsletters app, for example, provides pre-made template messages that can be sent to a group of employees, bypassing email and eliminating message fatigue.

Task Management & Collaboration

There are also apps that help with project-related tasks and collaboration, such as Trello, the online project management software. This app allows users to create and manage projects in boards, which can be easily viewed by all team members. This way, it’s easy for employees to keep track of the status of projects and identify any potential issues.

Another tool for collaborative work is Chanty, which offers a number of features that facilitate workplace communication and engagement, including a team directory, a news feed, and pinned documents. The app also includes an audio and video call feature, which makes it a good choice for remote and distributed teams. Its user-friendly interface is similar to a social media platform, which encourages two-way conversation and participation.