How to Choose the Best Silver Jewellery Cleaner


As beautiful as a pair of oversized silver hoops or bold huggies, any piece of jewelry requires proper care to keep it looking shiny and new. Whether you have pure, sterling or silver-plated pieces in your collection, the best silver jewellery cleaner will help remove any tarnish and prevent future dulling.

While there are a handful of commercial silver jewellery cleaners on the market, they’re not all created equal. Some contain harsh chemicals that can damage certain types of metals and gemstones. Others, like the Goddards cleansing foam we rounded up below, offer an easy-to-use, mess-free option that’s safe for all types of silver. Its non-abrasive formula not only buffs away stubborn tarnish but also polishes and protects against future tarnish. This versatile, all-in-one solution works well on jewelry as well as silver tea sets, candelabra, and heirloom furnishings.

Another option is to try a DIY silver cleaning process that uses ingredients found in your pantry and kitchen drawer. Mix a little baking soda with warm water and apply the paste to tarnished silver items. Allow the mixture to dry, rinse, and then buff with a soft cloth. You can also try soaking your silver jewelry in a solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to see if it will blitz the tarnish. Just be sure to use a soft detail brush to clean hard-to-reach crevices. Afterwards, dry with a towel or soft cloth to avoid scratching. This option isn’t as fast as a liquid silver jewellery cleaner, but it will still remove tarnish and polish your pieces to their original luster.