How To Earn Money Sports Investing


In this article I will share with you a strategy that if followed will ensure you have the maximum opportunity to profit investing in sports with the least risk. Before I explain the exact strategy it is important that you understand why this strategy is so important.

First by following my Sports Investing strategy you use a system to determine the way you make decisions and place wagers on games, you eliminate the emotional connection with the games and you avoid making a bad decision in the heat of the moment.

As my system includes tracking of your wagers you will learn what sports you are most successful at and exactly where you should be investing your money. The system will empower you to make the right decisions at the right times and know that your decisions are based on sound strategy and statistics.

My System Involves 3 Steps

1. Money Management

2. Shopping for the best rates

3. Tracking and Performance Analysis

Part 1 – Money Management

I have found that the best money management systems focus on limiting risk on any one event by segmenting your bankroll into units and placing a limited number of units on each event. This discipline takes the emotion out of the game and limits your downside risk on any one event.

Consider how a professional mutual fund or hedge fund manager invests his money. He limits risk by diversifying over a larger number of investments. I am sure everyone has heard the horror stories of the employee who lost everything because their 401k was all in their company stock when it tanked. The same thing goes for sports investing. You need to diversity your risk and limit your downside.

There are many ways to segment your bankroll the unit system and the % unit system.

Part 2 – Shopping for the best rates.

I personally have accounts on about 10 Sports Books at any given time. This way I can shop around for the best lines and best odds before I make a play. The difference between -105 and -110 may seem insignificant but when you compound it over the course of a year’s worth of bets it can end up being a massive number. 중계