How to Get Best Moving Quotes


Moving is an experience that requires a great deal of our wit and dedication if we want to get things done right. If we do not do some good research about the companies we are thinking of hiring, we might end up involved in some overpricing scam or even getting our things stolen by a fake moving company. These examples may be extreme; however, they are likely to happen. For now, we should simply take a look at some simple ways to make your moving experience as pleasant and economic as possible.

The first thing that you need to do is go online and find moving companies located in your area. That way you can have them come to your place and give you moving quotes based on the amount and size of the things you have inside your home. Make sure to leave the paper work of companies that have previously visited you in plain sight where the next company can see them. What is the purpose of this? Probably the person that will give you moving quotes is someone with an important position within the company and will be smart enough to know that if wants to make business for his company, he or she will have to give you competitive prices specially if there are other companies involved.

If instead of having them over your house, you prefer simply calling them and settle a price over the phone, make sure you let them know you have other companies in your mind and let them know the prices they have already given you. Do not try to give them false quotations. Since they are in the business, they will know if you are lying. However, at the same time, you will know if they are overcharging based on the quotations you were given before by other companies.

Open you phone book and look for local companies there. Make sure to pick the ones advertised in bigger ads that include the company’s logo. A good company should know that a well presented add gives them credibility and if they don’t bother to even include the company’s logo and some other relevant information, you should consider that as a red flag alert and move on to the next one. Small ads are not very reliable so be careful with these ones. Think about it this way: Would you advertise your company with a simple, small ad? Many fake companies advertise themselves like this.

After contacting several companies and comparing their prices, do not rush your decision. Go back online and enter some moving forums to check the company’s reputation. Forums offer comments by customers who have previously hired a company’s services. You can also check out some either moving reviews, which are made by customers, or people who are in the business. Usually moving reviews are much more objective and reliable. quotes