How to Get Noticed on YouTube Part 1


If you are a business or simply have a product you want to promote then getting noticed on YouTube is essential. Why? The reason is because this site gets millions of visitors every single day of the week. Wouldn’t you like to start attracting clients to your website? If you want to know how to get your product or service noticed on YouTube then read on.

Use tags

When you upload your video to YouTube you are given the chance to enter details such as a title and description. Another thing you should be doing is entering what are known as tags. These are best thought of as keywords that describe what your video is about. YouTube uses tags to search and locate videos.

As an example let’s say you uploaded a video about how to use an iPod. When someone types the word iPod and hits the search button, your video may or may not appear. However, what if you added tags for the words “MP3 player, music player, portable music player, iPod, learn iPod, how to use iPod”? Your video would then appear for these words also. You are widening your search keywords and giving people the chance to locate your video.

Not everyone is going to type in what you expect. We all think differently and what may be an iPod to you could be an MP3 player to someone else. Try to anticipate what users are likely to type in and think of all the related keywords to your video subject. Then use these keywords as your tags.

If you are a famous brand or have a well-known username then you can add this as a tag also. People may just prefer to type in something they are familiar with or feel will get them to what they are searching for faster.

Some subjects have different meanings depending on the country you reside in. For example in the UK the sport of football is called just that. In the United States it is known as soccer. In your tags you could enter the words “football, soccer”.

Categorise your videos

Categories are of prime importance on YouTube because it is the main method they use to filter through the millions of videos on the site. Also, the millions of YouTube users use categories as their main filter for locating videos.

Choose the category that your video fits in to wisely. For example, if you are teaching or showing someone how to do something, then place your video in the ‘how to’ category. If you are unsure as to whether you picked the correct category for your video, you can always go back later and change it.

Create your own VLog

If you are used to blogging then a VLog, or VLogging as it is sometimes called, is essentially video blogging. When you upload a video you can then create a playlist. This will give you the option to mark it as VLog which informs YouTube the playlist is a VLog in your YouTube channel. youtube playlist