How to Get Shares on TikTok


Getting Shares on TikTok is all about knowing what content resonates with your audience and creating videos that appeal to them. It also involves understanding how the algorithm works and staying up to date with current trends. This article will discuss the best way to get shares on tiktok by optimizing your content for the platform’s “For You” page, which showcases the most viral videos.

How to get more views on tiktok
Views are an important metric for TikTok videos because the more times a video is watched, the more it will be recommended, displayed, and shared. A view is counted the moment a user begins watching a video, even if it autoplays or loops. However, a video cannot be considered a new view if you watch it yourself or if you have already watched the video previously.

In addition to focusing on content that is popular with your audience, it’s also important to create videos at the right time. Research shows that engagement rates are highest on TikTok at 2 AM and 9 AM (EST) throughout the week.

Another great way to increase your views is by collaborating with other creators. This can include both individuals and brands that have a similar following to your own. It’s also a good idea to use a social media management tool like Hootsuite that allows you to schedule TikToks in advance and analyze their performance from one dashboard. This includes metrics like total plays, average watch time, and more.  get shares on tiktok