How to Make Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry


Paper quilling is a delicate craft that requires patience, practice, and the right tools to make beautiful coils and shapes. Unlike other kinds of crafting, which require bulky scissors, a pair of lightweight thread snippers will serve as quillers best friend. These will allow them to snip off glue-bound ends without clogging up the tip. They are also small enough to fit inside a quillers tool box, so they will always be handy.

While quilling may seem complicated, it is surprisingly simple to learn. The paper strips are rolled and shaped into designs that can be used to decorate objects, cards, pictures, boxes, and even jewelry. It has been around for a long time, with references to quilling in The New Lady’s Magazine as early as 1786 and in an Edwardian book of household management called Floral Mosaicon. The work was also popular in Europe during the Regency period. In fact, women of affluence were taught quilling along with needlework in order to create decorative pieces that were a cheaper alternative to gilded and carved metal.

Using a basic quilling tool and some colorful paper, you can make a beautiful set of earrings to dress up any outfit. These earring pairs feature small teardrop rings coils and large domed tight coils, which are then glued together in sets of two or four. I used silver-edge and gold-edge blue strips for my earring sets, but you can choose any color to match your style.  Paper Quilling Jewelry