How to Position Your Betting Shop


Betting shops are a type of establishment that offers a place for people to wager on sports or other activities. They can be found throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. These stores are separate from casinos and racetracks, but they also offer a wide variety of odds on different sporting events.

How to Position Your Betting Shop

To be successful, betting shops must attract a wide range of customers. This can be challenging, especially when you consider the various factors that motivate prospective customers. Fortunately, location intelligence software such as Periscope(r) can help you pinpoint the locations with the highest potential for your betting shops.

Convenience and Service

In order to attract frequent visitors, you must ensure that your betting shop offers a comfortable environment. In a survey conducted by Ladbrokes, 65% of customers said convenience was the main reason they visited a betting shop.

Aside from convenience, a betting shop should also provide a friendly service. These services can include a customer care team, a cashier, and a place to deposit money.

Competition and Markets Authority

The biggest challenge for betting shop operators is attracting a large number of potential customers. These customers must be targeted based on the location of their homes or workplaces, and what defines their demographic type. today