Ice Breaker Questions for Your Next Team Meeting


Ice breakers are fun, quick and simple ways to get your team acquainted with one another. They help break down the social barriers of silences and uncomfortable introductions, creating a more cohesive group that will work together more effectively. However, not all ice breakers are created equal. Some may leave you with a bunch of one-word answers and people avoiding eye contact. Others may be more in-depth, asking participants to reveal aspects of their personalities that they wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable sharing.

Whether you’re welcoming new team members, hosting a remote or hybrid meeting, or trying to liven up your weekly huddle, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of icebreaker questions that fit every type of team and mood. From funny icebreaker questions to the classic “Would You Rather” and “This or That” questions, this article has it all.

For a more intimate icebreaker, have participants sit in a circle and share their keys with each other. They can be key chains from the city or neighborhood they live in, or even from a specific activity (like biking or locker keys). Then, ask them to tell each other a few words about what’s on their keys.

These icebreaker questions are inclusive, reveal important insights about team members, and create psychological safety for everyone in the room. Plus, they’re perfect for new teams that need to build more trust and rapport. ice breaker questions