Kitchen Manufacturers


AyA Kitchens is a leading cabinet manufacturer in North America and one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly companies in the industry. The process of making a cabinet begins with the cutting and shaping of wood. Next, the cabinet boxes are assembled and the doors hung. After a quality inspection and final adjustments the cabinet is then ready for shipping to the customer.

The majority of cabinets sold in the United States are made from wood. Other materials such as laminates and metals make up only a small portion of the market. Solid wood is the most popular cabinet material followed by plywood and then veneers which consist of thin sheets of real wood bonded to other, less expensive materials such as particle-board or multi-density fiberboard. Other non-wood materials such as melamine resin or Thermofoil are also used to manufacture cabinets but only hold a small percentage of the overall market.

Many kitchen manufacturers are diversified and sell their products through a wide variety of outlets to help cushion against downturns in demand for specific types of cabinets. For example, Taylor, Michigan-based Masco Corporation, which leads the cabinet industry with 21 percent of sales in 2006, produces a number of different types of home and office furniture, appliances and building materials as well as cabinets.

Other designers are affiliated with a single product line or showroom and may specialize in a particular style or project type. These professionals know the cabinetry and other lines they carry well and can provide a one-stop shop experience for homeowners. Architects, interior designers and design-build firms may also be qualified to design kitchens.