LG GD580 the Lollipop phone


The LG GD580 is also named as the Lollipop phone. The name is a result of its colorful body and cheap price. The main target audience this phone aims at is the youth of the world. It has a lot of what the youth may call ‘cool’ features. The most interesting reason for which this handset has gained so much popularity is the LED display at the body surface. It has very cute cartoon looking images that can be displayed on the surface of the phone. This mobile comes with a flap which renders the set very stylish looks.

The LG GD580 measures 108.3 by 51.5 by 13.4 mm and weighs as less as 103.5 grams.  It comes in flashy colors like sugary brown,LG GD580 the Lollipop phone Articles strawberry pink and blueberry blue. The company has given a lot of attention to the looks of the phone and has placed a 7 by 15 LED matrix where the user can display text or images of his or her own choice.

There is another 12 LED lights that can be customized as per the user’s choice. The screen of the handset is 240 by 400 pixels in resolution and has the ability to display 256K colors. The keypad of this mobile has large enough buttons which are adequate for entering text and dialing numbers easily. One very unique feature of this phone is that is has auto sensors which put the phone in the silent mode incase it is turned upside down.

The LG GD580 has a very good three megapixel camera which has self adjusting wide angle lens. Even without a flash light the pictures taken are high on quality. The camera can be used for recording videos as well. The photo gallery allows the user to make many interesting changes on the photographs. When we say that this gadget is designed keeping in mind the youth then it is very necessary that this gadget should be high on entertainment quotient.

This handset has an audio and video player which can possibly support all the different formats. It also has a FM Radio to add on to the entertainment. This mobile phone is certain to surprise the youngsters. LED screen manufacturer