Magnetic Signs For Trucks


Magnetic signs for trucks are a great way to develop a brand in the community and extend your reach. When a vehicle drives through a community between appointments or to and from work it can reach hundreds of people who may not have noticed the business otherwise. Unlike traditional marketing materials such as car wrapping that are often expensive these magnets require an initial investment but can deliver a substantial return on that investment.

Choosing a design that’s easy to read is the key to making your magnetic sign effective. The lettering should be large enough to be seen and read from a distance. It’s also a good idea to avoid using fancy font and instead stick to a simple textured one. Drivers are moving fast and can’t easily absorb complicated wording and a list of services so you need to keep the message simple and easy to read.

The use of color is also an effective tool for creating magnetic signs that are instantly recognizable in the community. Color can trigger a range of emotions and feelings and can help to reinforce your brand identity. For example, red can symbolize urgency while blue correlates to strength and peace.

When choosing a magnetic sign for your truck make sure that it is made from ferromagnetic material and that the metallic surface is clean and dry. A magnetic sign should only be used on steel surfaces and not on plastic or aluminum. Also, the sign must not be subjected to extreme heat as this can demagnetize it. magnetic signs for trucks