Milk Storage Bags


The best milk storage bags prevent spills and spoilage of your precious liquid gold. They’re easy to use, with many having a convenient pour spout and an easy-to-seal zipper. They also offer a clear marking area for labeling, and they’re designed to be leak-proof and stand up in the fridge and freezer.

Most breastmilk storage bags come pre-sterilized and ready to use, making them a great choice for busy moms. However, some women find that they’re not as convenient as bottles or other breastmilk storage options. For example, it can be a challenge to transfer milk from bags to bottles, and back again, at feeding time. This extra step can add up and take valuable seconds off of the time between pumping and baby’s hungry tummy.

Other breastmilk storage options include reusable containers that are made of glass or BPA-free plastic and can be reused, which is good for the environment. These are often less expensive than breastmilk storage bags, but they may not fit the needs of every mom. For instance, some breastfeeding mamas find that the hard sides of a container like a mason jar or plastic storage bottle can make it difficult to squeeze milk out of them.

Another popular option is to use a silicone breastmilk storage bag. These bags are usually flexible and can be rolled or folded when not in use to save space. They’re also easy to clean, hygienic and BPA-free. Some are even dishwasher-safe, which can save you some valuable time during a busy day! milk storage bags