Muay Thai Boxing


Muay Thai Boxing began in Thailand hundreds of years ago when there were little rules and no weight classes to distinguish the Siamese or Thai Army members from one another. There were no gloves or equipment,Guest Posting just two opposing men having a battle, sometimes with swords and batons – which is literally what the translation Krabi-Krabong means and what Muay Thai is descended from. Today, Muay Thai Boxing is sweeping the States and people use boxing gloves and fight within their own weight class to make the fights fair. Muay Thai Boxing gloves such as King Professional Gloves, Raja Boxing Gloves, Windy Gloves and Twins Special Boxing Gloves, are all available online through Muay Thai Boxing specialty stores, some even located in Thailand. In addition to the adding of boxing gloves, officials limited the time fights were run and added uniforms which are basically boxing shorts. Muay Thai shorts, like the gloves, can be found on the Internet through special Muay Thai Boxing online stores and are made by the same manufacturers such as Twins Special, King Professional, Raja Boxing and Windy. Although boxing gloves are used, Muay Thai Boxing is a form of Martial Arts. Even though kick boxing is a dangerous sport, Muay Thai Boxing is a thai kick boxing self defense art developed in Thailand. In addition, with Muay Thai Boxing, one is allowed to use a combination of eight body parts to move on the opponent. The use of hands – with gloves, feet, shins, with shin guards and knees are used in many combinations to bring down the opponent. It may seem violent, but Muay Thai Boxing is really a great way of anger management and self control over oneself. With proper training and regular practice, Muay Thai Boxing can increase a body’s flexibility, muscle tone, blood circulation and better use of the bones. Muay Thai Boxing is good work for both the mind and body. When one is practicing Muay Thai Boxing, a proper outfit is essential not only to look good but to feel good as well. Boxing gloves from companies such as King Professional Gloves, Raja Boxing Gloves, Windy Gloves and Twins Special Boxing Gloves are all professionally made in Thailand where Muay Thai Boxing is a national sport. Young boys grow up learning the art of Muay Thai Boxing and many young girls learn several of the moves for safety purposes. All of these Muay Thai companies, Windy, Twins Special, Raja Boxing and King Professional all make silk boxing shorts to complete the outfit of a Muay Thai Boxing champion or someone who just practices the art of Muay Thai Boxing. In addition to the gloves and silk boxing shorts, these companies also produce shin guards, ankle wraps and headgear for the ultimate protection. Some companies allow you to design your own silk boxing shorts or come with the logo from the company or a symbol of power and fighting such as dragons, tigers and many more. The silk shorts come in many different colors and fit all sizes and shapes of fighters. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)