Norcold Refrigerators – Everything You Need to Know


Norcold refrigerators are a great choice for RVers due to their quiet operation, energy efficiency, and durability. But just like any appliance, they can occasionally run into problems. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about norcold fridges, from basic troubleshooting tips to finding replacement parts so you can make simple repairs yourself.

The Norcold line of RV refrigerators includes a number of different types of appliances, from portable fridge/freezers that look more like a cooler than a standard refrigerator to larger two- and four-door units with ice makers meant for large RVs. The company has been in business since 1959 and was purchased by Thetford Corporation in 1997.

Some of the most popular norcold RV fridges are the dual fuel models that can operate on both propane and electrical power. These units use a small amount of electricity to light the flame inside, and then switch back over to propane power once the flame is lit. The company also produces a Polar DC/12V series that operates on a 12-volt current from your RV’s house battery, eliminating the need for propane or generator power.

For those who are looking to upgrade the appearance of their RV refrigerator, there is a new Polar N8X Refrigerator with a more modern design. This model features taller door panels that create a more built-in look. It can be ordered with optional door trim for a customized look.

If you’re planning a trip to the great outdoors, you’ll want your refrigerator to work just as well in the wilderness as it does on the road. Whether you’re camping in a tent or parking in a motorhome, you’ll need your fridge to keep your food and drinks cold.