Not Just Jesus: Other Virgin Births


A lot of us like to think that the Bible is the original,Guest Posting absolute, inviolate word of God. But that comes into question when we realize that many of the biblical stories occur in other, older religions.

According to academia, there are at least 32 stories of other virgin births in ancient cultures of bygone eras. The legends of the surrounding pagan cultures were so influential in the first century that the Early Church was forced to imitate and incorporate them to have their ‘new’ Christian religion accepted.

What does this have to do with law of attraction? Any time we can stretch our minds about what we think is the ‘truth’, we expand our allowing and our beliefs in possibilities. It makes using law of attraction easier when we know how malleable our beliefs are; how flexible our rituals, and even how ancient and diverse are our gods.

Here are just a few of the parallels between Horus, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and 27 more (and this is a long article)


The Legend of Horus is one of the most ancient myths in Egypt, and it was central to the ancient Egyptian state religion. He was worshipped three thousand years before Jesus and his worship lasted into the common era. The followers of Horus invaded Egypt in pre-dynastic history (before 3000 B.C.E.). travel blog