Puka Shell Ring


Keeping that beach feeling close to heart, this perfectly pink puka shell ring is the perfect addition to any ocean babe’s jewelry collection. Part of our Homegrown collection each piece is designed by Julia, crafted by hand by our artisan partners and exclusive to Ocean State of Mind.

Puka means hole in Hawaiian and when it comes to traditional seashell necklaces these small white shell beads are often the most sought after. The puka craze hit its peak back in the 1960’s and 80’s where these white choker length strands were worn by surfers, Danny O Neill from Point Break and of course every beach babe worth her salt. Puka shells can be found in many shades of white including striped and even spotted varieties.

Other types of shells are also used to create Hawaiian seashell necklaces such as Momi and Kahelelani which is a type of dove shell (Eupeplica varians) that has a more lustrous white appearance. These shells can be seen in long lei style necklaces up to 6 feet in length and are commonly used to add a little extra elegance to weddings and other special occasions.

Another unique shell found in Hawaii is Laiki which is a very small type of sea snail (Leptothyra verruca) that is usually in a dark brown or black color and can be woven in long multi-strand necklaces. These are a very time consuming shell to make as they are meticulously collected, sorted, cleaned, poked and strung in complex patterns which can take years for a single strand.  Puka shell ring