Simple Steps to YouTube Marketing Magic


YoutTube is the largest video sharing website and a large proportion of the videos are user-generated. The professionals are beginning to use the media but it’s still a very simple and versatile means of marketing, which is also free! People love video and the increase in users and videos uploaded means a high likelihood that your target audience are viewing the site. Reasons to get your marketing on YouTube are obvious when statistics show that monthly there are over 800 million unique users and over 3 billion hours of video viewed.

Your marketing expertise has no bounds: instructional videos, showcases for your products or services and product presentations are just the tip of what you can do. Videos can build brand awareness – after uploading to YouTube they can be embedded on your site for more promotion.

Embedding video is as easy as 1,2,3, as simple as cut and paste. The service is provided free and hosted on YouTube’s servers, all you need to do is dream-up the video!

To embed, click the Share button and the HTML code is displayed, but to directly embed in your website click the embed button directly under the link URL. The coding for embedding then appears so simply copy and paste into your source code of your website.

Comments: commenting on videos in your industry that have many thousands of views will add to the conversation and be as valuable, if not more so, than blog comments.

Favourites: Make a list of your favourite videos and share with others on YouTube. This is an easy way to bookmark for future viewing and shows engagement with the YouTube community. If a video exists and is exactly what you were going to say, don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel, rather share and comment.

Networks: It is possible to share videos across multiple social sites with the Share button. Don’t forget to blog, tweet and Facebook your video after you have embedded it on your website.

Playlist: If you have created multiple videos use the Playlist option to create a list that will tie them all together for people to view as part of your video marketing strategy.

Promote: In a similar way to PPC, using the Promote feature (button under My Videos, beneath each video) allows you to buy traffic to your videos based on keywords that you choose to target. Working this well can be an effective and fairly inexpensive investment, cheaper than other forms of advertising.

YouTube changes: recently YouTube changed the layout and design of the site. The new format is easy to navigate and more organised than before, producing more opportunities to interact with other YouTube users.

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