Steroids Thailand


A slew of media reports reveals that amateur bodybuilders from as far afield as Australia are travelling to Thailand in search of performance-enhancing drugs and supplements that are illegal in their home countries. They are fuelling a lively black market and running the risk of life-threatening health issues.

Steroids Thailand
For amateur bodybuilders and sportsmen, the prospect of bulking up with a cocktail of drugs known as ‘stacking’ is tempting. It’s the reason they are heading to Thailand, where some steroids cost 10 times less than their Australian black market counterparts. A two-week investigation of pharmacies in Bangkok and Pattaya found dozens of brands advertised for sale. Sixty capsules of Andriol, a popular anabolic steroid, sold for 4,040 baht; a 10-day supply of Testoviron injections went for 3,000 baht; and a box of Reduce tablets, which increase muscle mass by increasing the level of natural male sex hormone testosterone, sold for just 200 baht.

The lack of stringent drug laws in Thailand and slack border control means that international criminal networks can exploit weak links along the global supply chain. In addition, the country’s strategic geographical location makes it a convenient transit point for traffickers.

In the past few years, steroid seizures at Thailand’s airports have soared. Despite this, there is no clear sign that the problem is being solved. For now, the best advice is to travel with a doctor’s prescription. The Thai Ministry of Public Health states that you are allowed to bring medication for a maximum of 90 days use into the country in your luggage and declare it at customs red exit.  Steroids Thailand