Telephone Headsets – An Essential Tool For ‘Task Workers’


Telephone headsets are an important tool for ‘task workers’ – people who communicate with customers, co-workers and others over the phone frequently. They include salespeople, customer service representatives and employees who must enter a lot of data during calls. Headsets help them to be more productive, provide better customer service and eliminate pain in their neck and shoulders that results from cradling a handset between their ear and shoulder over prolonged periods.

Whether they are wired or wireless, telephone headsets offer workers freedom to walk around their office during telephone calls, even up to 300ft from their desk phone. A cordless headset with a hands free base station or handset lifter (pictured) will let them answer and end calls while they do other things, like take notes or grab resources for a customer on the call. This helps to raise their productivity because it means they won’t miss incoming calls, which often end up on voicemail or in an email trail, and have to spend time listening to them and returning the call.

A telephone headset can also offer a range of features to improve the sound quality of calls and reduce the impact of background noise. For example, a telephone headset with noise cancelling technology filters out up to 75% of background noise (effectiveness varies between models) and concentrates on your voice so that your customer can hear you clearly. Some headsets can also be adjusted for your personal hearing preference so you can balance the audio levels to suit.