The Best Wines of Wine Lake Garda


With its beautiful shores, suggestive lakefront villages and historical wineries to visit, wine lake garda is one of the most loved destinations for tourism in Italy. It is the largest lake in the country and stretches across three regions: Lombardy to the west, Veneto to the east and Trentino to the south.

The enchanting landscape and the mild climate of this territory allow the cultivation of many different grape varieties, which are then used to create highly appreciated wines. All of these wines have an important link with the history of this region, its culture and its cuisine.

Amarone, the pride of the lake, is a wine that fully embodies its complexity and diversity. Its flavor is fruity with a subtle hint of coffee and its aroma is spicy and balsamic. This wine is perfect for autumn and winter foods and it also perfectly pairs with the local traditional dish “pasta e fasoi”.

The Lugana DOC is a white wine-only DOC, which straddles the border between Lombardy and Veneto along the southern edge of the lake. This wine is produced using Turbiana (also known as Trebbiano di Soave) vines and it is very fragrant with a dry taste. It also comes in several versions: superiore, riserva and late harvest.

Bardolino Classico DOC is a delicious and versatile wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with main courses like ravioli and risotto, but it is best paired with Vicenza-style baccala and legume soups. It is also a perfect complement to aged and medium-aged cheese like Asiago.  wine lake garda