The Zebra Bikini – Your Guide to the Hottest Swimsuit to Hit the Beach This Summer


For women who wants to be noticed amongst a slew of hot bodies your can’t get past the Zebra Bikini. The classic black & white animal print is a favourite of celebrities and those who just want a super sexy and perhaps slightly wild look.

Zebra bikinis come in a variety of styles to suit every taste, whether it’s an itsy bitsy Brazilian bottom, halter top, sliding triangle, padded or bandeau there is a cut to suit every shape. Many designers now offer the zebra bikini it colours other than black & white including fuchsia, purple and even emerald green. Over the years many celebrities have been spotted wearing the zebra bikini.

Recently sex symbol of daytime television and dancing with the stars contestant Lisa Rinna showed the world why she’s still one of the hottest mommies in Hollywood. She was spotted frolicking in the Malibu Ocean along with her daughters Delilah Belle and Amelia Grey in her zebra-print two-piece bikini showing off her amazing body as she frolicked in the sand. Jessica Alba was also seen on the beaches of Hawaii playing a little beach volleyball in her zebra two piece.

Other celebrities spotted by paparazzi in just the past 12 months sporting zebra pint bikinis were Brooke Hogan, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Kelly Clarkson & Kristen Bell.

If a Zebra bikini is a bit too much for you there are plenty of options to add some animal print to your look. Zebra print accessories are perfect to give your overall style a bit of a pick me up. A cover up, dress, sandals or even a great bag are perfect accessories for that hot summer look. You can even find some great zebra jewelry if you choose to go with a more classic black swimsuit.

From high end to affordable several swimsuit designers have given their take on the zebra bikini. If price is no object Michael Kors & Roberto Cavalli have some great looking bathing suits. If you are looking for something more affordable Busy Summer offers zebra swimsuits in bother one and two piece designs.

So get out there and dare to be noticed. The fashionista who wears a zebra bikini to the beach or pool isn’t afraid of having all eyes on her. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what she wants. If that sounds like you, dare to be just as bold, sexy and beautiful as your animal print swimwear. michael kors bags blue