Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions for Earth Lovers


With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us the quest for the ideal badge of friendship for that unique individual is well in progress. In the event that you are one who loves Mother Earth however much your Sweetheart, there are a lot of coy, provocative, and charming green gift ideas that say Happy Valentine’s Day without undermining your earth accommodating eye.

For Her

Convey your provocative love for her with an endowment of, not the standard thing, unmentionables with an eco-contort. Coy Ecolux Lace Edged Cami or Boy Shorts are produced using a mix of corn-based components with gooey from bamboo.

Advise her how you need to envelop her with your affection with Ecolux Lace Kimono Wrap produced using extra delicate gooey from maintainable bamboo.

Perky Grow Tee advises her that like a bloom you love for her develops every day. Printed utilizing eco-accommodating non-PVC inks on a woman’s diminutive sleeve natural cotton tee and made in the USA.

Nothing says ‘… you are the brilliant star in my life… ‘ like Star Motif Knee Hi Socks. Made in the US of natural cotton.

Prosper Roll-on Perfume conveys a quietly exotic fragrance. Made in the US of every single normal fixing, it is Vegan, without gluten and sans cruelty.

Tell her the amount you love to spoil her skin with Geranium Jasmine Lavender Body Lotion. Made in the USA with confirmed natural fixings, it is Gluten and Cruelty free.

Warm, intriguing, wantonly unwinding, and saturating, Jasmine and Orange Bubble Bath is implanted with natural medicinal oils; Vegan, Certified Organic, sans gluten, and without cruelty.

Natural Rose and Lavender Sachets in reusable gift box say – ‘like the “Scent from the Garden” the pleasant smell of your affection is all I want.’ Box contains a sheer organza pocket loaded up with USA natural lavender florets and flower petals.

I need to encompass you with my adoration – Recycled Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace says it with such ease. Made in the USA, reused glass drop is set in an authentic silver pear shape band on a real silver chain.

Emblematic of needing to keep her adoration locked down, Organic Cuff Bracelet is made in the USA from natural product and vegetable material paper over reused copper.

Welcome her to impart her inward contemplations to Earth Journal produced using feasible hemp paper and Eco Pencils produced using reused newsprint.

With $397 million spent for cut blossoms every Valentine’s Day just to be discarded 3 or after 4 days, the Specialty Assortment Garden Box gives the endowment of blossoms in a most eco way. vegan bracelets uk Each container contains three 5′ biodegradable, plant-capable tissue paper seed strips of three unique assortments. Gift accompanies establishing directions folded over within the crate. She can sow the seed paper for enduring delightful blossoms and afterward utilize the silk bloom beat box subsequently to hold knickknacks.

Set the state of mind for sentiment with Khari Environmental Bedding. Assortment joins the most sexy rich regular materials to make a solid, economical climate. This sheet material line is made in the USA of the best natural cotton, and plant and vegetable colored.

For Him

Tell him he is your provocative hunk with Men’s Eco-Sport Brief made in the USA from delicate profoundly reasonable modular texture.

Let’s assume I love your muscles with Men’s Tank Shirt produced using practical beech wood chip texture.

Does he mean everything to you? Let’s assume it with Men’s Tie Dye Earth Motif Tee made in the USA from natural cotton.

Tell him the amount you love the skin he’s in with Natural Herbal Aftershave produced using a mix of regular new spices and aloe.

Urge him to think of you love notes – Java Notepaper Set is high quality from reused filaments from the refuse of cooked espresso beans!

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… ‘ Veggie and Herb Assortment Garden Box then is great. Each crate contains three 5′ biodegradable, plant-capable tissue paper seed strips, of three distinct assortments: one vegetable and two spices with establishing guidelines.

Give him the way in to your heart and the Hemp Key Ring Wallet to convey it on. More modest, smaller, thin profile wallet highlights key ring with inside ID holder and Visa space. Made in the USA of 100 percent hemp.

Handmade Soy Candles, let him in on the amount he illuminates your life. Made in the USA of the greatest quality soy and vegetable mix wax, premium scent oils, cotton and paper center wicks.

For Children

Tell them they’re your little princess, or ruler, with kid’s Royalty Shirt made in the USA from natural cotton.

Youngster’s Touch the Earth Tee made in the US from natural cotton depicts a delicate touch to the heart and to our earth.

Guaranteed natural; mercilessness free; pediatrician tried; free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates; no fake tones, nuts, soy, wheat, or manufactured scents; hypoallergenic; and made in the USA. this Bubble Bath for Children spoils them while it communicates your adoration.

Charming and cuddly very much like your little one! Show the adoration with Children’s Bath Mitt is produced using natural and reused materials.

Express your affection – kids’ Colored Eco Pencils and Doodling Pad, produced using post-buyer reused materials, is the ideal pair to tell them the amount you love them to put themselves out there.

Cuddly adorable very much like them – Organic Velour Blankie Animal is made in the US of natural cotton and allows little ones to snuggle while you give them Valentine much love.

For Pets

I love You Boxed Dog Treats say everything. Made in the US of every normal fixing.

Show the amount you give it a second thought – Heart Organic Cotton Knit Ball with squeaker, for feline or canine, gives long periods of diversion while cleaning their teeth.

Fig Pet Tee Shirt genuinely says ‘love you’ with a presentation of red hearts. Made in the US of natural cotton and bamboo.

Encompass them with delicate love with Pet Eco Drop Bed. With a thick pad of 100 percent reused IntelliLoft fill and covered with delicate texture made with 85% reused filaments, it is processed in the USA.


Utilize the accompanying ideas as compartments that could be loaded up with natural magnificence items like normal cosmetics and restorative brushes; toiletries like a characteristic toothbrush, natural toothpaste, and vegetarian lip medicine; sweet deals with like natural chocolates or other natural desserts; writing material things like eco names, hemp notecards, and pencils from maintainable woods. Get inventive the conceivable outcomes are unfathomable!

“… Earthy colored paper bundles restricted with string… ” the Package Eco Tote will undoubtedly be one of your number one things. Produced using post-buyer reused materials.

Bloom Pencil Case-you can smell the blossoms with this pencil or cosmetics case produced using post-customer reused material.

Say – Your adoration makes them ripple with this Butterflies Coin Pouch made with reused post-buyer materials which gives it a squashed, creased look.

Beautiful Print Eco Zippered Pouchdisplay of greenery and sooooo pretty. This Eco Zippered Pouch is made with reused post-shopper materials.

Call me! Wireless Motif Eco-Zippered Pouch is produced using reused post-shopper materials so it has a squashed badly crumpled look.

Fill Stainless Steel Round Container with exceptional treats. Re-usable non filtering, ecofriendly hardened steel is tough, dishwasher safe, won’t hold stains, scents or buildups.

Treated Steel Water Bottlecan be loaded up with treats and yet again utilized a while later. Decrease, Reuse, Recycle, Re-hydrate, and think green by trying not to earth harm plastic water bottles.

Sending a Greeting

Did you had any idea that more than 150 million cards are bought on Valentine’s Day? That is a ton of paper! Say ‘I love you, yet I additionally love Mother Earth’; pick welcoming cards produced using feasible fiber like hemp, reused paper, or reused cultivated paper. Grow-A-Note Valentine’s Day Cards installed with a beautiful exhibit of wildflower seeds convey a fashion instinct and natural obligation. The gift that continues to give the beneficiary plants the card and partakes in the blossom of your hello long after the day.