Vampires And Customized Coffee Cups: What Are Their Common Denominators


Way back, people deem of a vampire as blood-sucking being that preys on humans for their blood. Truly, we wouldn’t want to have an encounter with one because it might suck us until we’re all dried up. Things have changed. Now, every woman would like to have a hot vampire for a partner. Unquestionably, this era is the time of these creatures of the dark and they are here to suck you dry and down in love with them.

Nonetheless, it is also the time that coffee is labeled as the yuppies’ national drink. Now, these individuals are dependent on coffee and teasingly saying that caffeine is in their blood. So, don’t be shocked if coffee cups are also in at this moment. Truly, holding a coffee cup on the street is a fashionable mean of walking along the corporate thoroughfares.

Vampires and coffee cups, what do they have in common? Strange as may sound but these two trends have a few common denominator. Allow me give you a simple rundown of why these two latest trends captivated the heart of many.

Long Lasting- For sure the vampires and their contemporaries are here to stay. They have pierced and broke through the pop culture. Just like any vampire-themed TV shows, book or click, promotional coffee cups are long lasting depending on how its user would treat it. More than that, longevity in advertising product means prolonged and recurring brand promotion.

Offers Something New- When these vampires came in to steal the spotlight, everybody seems to jump in the bandwagon. This is because it tendered people something new to delight in. In case of a promotional coffee cup, it also tenders a brand new way of marketing any material. It transcends the conventional way of advertising which are TV, radio and print advertisements.

Grants A Better Alternative- We are sick and tired of the normal love stories that airs on TV and written in novels. With the surfacing of these vampire themed stories, people are granted a whole new viewing or reading experience. Coffee cup on the other hand also caters any corporation a whole new experience in brand building. It is a wonderful substitute to the highly priced advertising on mass media specifically to those companies that don’t have adequate resources for brand promotion. cup for iced coffee