Virtual Terminal Card Payments


Virtual terminal card payments are a cost-effective solution for small merchants who take orders via email, telephone, mail order, or fax, but don’t interact with clients face to face. A virtual terminal turns any device with a web browser into a point of sale (POS) system that accepts electronic credit card payments in real-time.

Unlike countertop terminals, which demand a card swiper and specialized hardware to work, virtual terminals are web-based solutions that instantly transform your existing computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet into an efficient payment gateway. This allows you to directly input credit card information, which is then quickly and securely processed by your payment provider’s system over an encrypted connection.

The transaction is then approved or declined by the acquiring bank, and the payment processor confirms the approval to the virtual terminal. The terminal then processes the transaction and transmits the approved funds to your business’s account. Many virtual terminals also allow for recurring payments, which are perfect for businesses that bill monthly, such as landscape companies or accounting services.

To make sure you’re getting the best possible rates, compare virtual terminal fees and features carefully to ensure you choose a solution that meets all your business requirements. Then, connect with a payments expert to learn more about how virtual terminals can help you streamline your payment collection and automate your accounts receivable process. virtual terminal card payments