Voice Over Artists


A skilled voice over artist can make the difference between a dull piece of audio or a fully-fledged narrative. They bring to life scripts for video games, animation, commercials, and more, transforming them into characters, settings and dialogue.

A seasoned voice over artist can command a range of styles, from the soft intimate deliveries of a romantic scene to the larger-than-life presence of an action-packed sequence. Their expertise allows them to translate the director’s vision into reality, helping their audience become immersed in the content they are voicing.

As well as an enviable vocal range, voice actors require a suite of soft skills to thrive in their career. These include versatility and a strong work ethic. Voice actors often have to take on multiple projects at once, so they must be able to adjust quickly and work outside their comfort zone. They also need to be able to take feedback from a director, dialogue editor, or recording engineer, and then use that feedback to improve their performance.

In order to break into the industry, it’s important to build a demo reel. This is a collection of different snippets of your voice acting that you can use to show potential employers when looking for work. You will likely want to focus on recordings that are relevant to the type of voice acting you’re interested in – for example, commercials or explainer videos. You will also need a decent home studio to practice in, especially in the beginning of your career. voice over artists