Water Chimer Unit – The Heart of a Cooling System


A water chiller unit is the heart of a cooling system. It cools and dehumidifies the air in commercial and industrial buildings before it’s distributed throughout the facility for occupant comfort. While it’s commonly used to keep temperatures in line, this system also improves indoor air quality by reducing the amount of contaminants in the building.

Cooling Industrial Processes
Industrial processes are rarely 100% efficient, and as a result, they generate heat byproducts. When left untreated, this excess heat can cause reduced production times, equipment failures, and other operational issues that can be costly for the business. A chiller system circulating cool water or a water/glycol solution removes this excess heat, keeping the temperature in the process constant. The cool fluid then returns to the chiller to be re-chilled, eliminating temperature fluctuations and minimizing energy consumption.

Water cooled chiller systems are more efficient than air based chillers. Water cooled chiller systems use water as the primary refrigerant and as a cooling medium, so they don’t require long runs of refrigerant pipes. This reduces the chance of leaks that can create a hazardous environment for employees; pollute the environment; and waste money.

When properly maintained, chillers water cooled systems can last up to 40 years or more. However, their lifespan can vary depending on the amount of use and the maintenance they receive. To extend the life of your chiller water cooled system, make sure to inspect and clean the coils regularly, maintain the correct refrigerant charge, and perform routine testing. water chiller unit