Water Tank Cleaning Services Near Me


Water tank cleaning is a critical process that ensures clean, safe, and fresh water for your building residents. It removes sludge, algae and possible bacterial contamination that can lead to health-retrogressive diseases. Its also a requirement under the New York City Drinking Water Code that all drinking water tanks be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

The cleaning process typically begins by draining the tank so workersusually a two-person crewcan climb inside and scrub the walls and floor. The tank is then refilled and treated with a chlorine solution.

Once the tank is clean and disinfected it is allowed to soak for a period of time. A sample of the water from the tank should be collected and sent for lab testing. Once the coliform levels are acceptable the tanks warning labels should be removed and the system is ready for use.

The most important thing to remember about cleaning your domestic water tank is that it must be done properly. If you do not have a proper plan for the inspection and cleaning of your tank it can lead to dangerous health issues.

To minimize the risk of health-related problems and fines, you should make sure that your cleaning contractor is licensed by NYCDOHMH to perform the work. The license is for businesses that clean, paint and coat buildings’ domestic water tanks for the purpose of reducing the spread of pathogens in the building’s drinking water.  water tank cleaning services near me