What Is a Bitcoin Blender


Bitcoin mixers (or bitcoin tumblers) help users break the link between their bitcoin addresses and their real-world identities. This makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to trace the source of a transaction.

The centralized mixers like Blender, once used by crooks to launder tens of millions of dollars from hacks linked to the Lazarus Group, have been replaced by decentralized services such as Sinbad.


A bitcoin mixer is a service that helps people keep their cryptocurrency transactions private. It works by introducing additional transactions into the web of bitcoins, making it more difficult to trace the originator and recipient of a specific coin. This is a vital tool for bitcoin users who want to maintain their privacy and avoid potential regulators or money launderers.

Using a mixer is relatively simple. First, the user sends their coins to a bitcoin mixer using an initial transition address and a period of time for mixing. The bitcoin mixer then combines these coins with other bitcoins and sends them to a second transition wallet. The final transfer to the recipient should have no connection to the original source and destination.

There are several different bitcoin mixers available. One popular option is Samourai, which allows you to mix 10 addresses and offers a number of other features that help protect your privacy, including the ability to manually delete logs before the 7-day auto-clear period expires. Another option is bitcoin blender which offers a variety of features and has low fees. It is also located offshore, which adds an extra layer of security and anonymity for its users. The site also allows users to control latency for their transactions.


Bitcoin mixers are essential tools for enhancing the privacy and security of cryptocurrency transactions. They work by breaking the traceability of bitcoins, making it harder for anyone to link the sender and recipient. By reorganizing the coins and transferring them to different addresses, they make it impossible for anyone to track where the funds came from.

One of the most popular bitcoin mixers is Blender io, which offers various features to protect users’ privacy. It does not require registration and uses a pseudonymous model to ensure anonymity. Its website also does not display any personal information, and it can be used by both beginners and advanced users. It also does not keep any logs beyond a 7-day retention period and has an option to manually scrub them prior to that. It also provides distribution control and a user-controlled time-delay, and it has a minimum transaction limit of 0.0001 BTC.

Another popular service is CoinMixer, which offers a variety of options to enhance the security and privacy of cryptocurrency transactions. Its most notable feature is its ability to create a web of addresses, which makes it difficult for anyone to link the original transaction with its destination. It also allows users to customize their mixes by specifying the amount, location, and duration of mixing. In addition to these features, CoinMixer has a referral program and a variety of other benefits.


Blender bitcoin is a service that allows users to reorganize their bitcoin transactions in order to prevent the trail from being followed. This is a very important feature for anyone who wants to keep their anonymity when making online purchases or doing p2p payments.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bitcoin mixer is the amount of time it takes for the transactions to be mixed. This is a critical factor since the longer it takes for the mixes to be done, the less likely they are to be successful in breaking the traceability of Bitcoin transactions.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that not all bitcoin blenders are created equal. It is important to do some research and find the best one for your needs. Some of them offer better services and are more trustworthy than others. Some of them also have a wider range of withdrawal limits than others. For instance, some of them allow for a withdrawal delay of up to 24 hours. They also have a wider reserve and can handle large volumes of Bitcoins.


A bitcoin blender allows users to hide the origin of their cryptocurrency funds. However, as blockchain analysis companies become more adept at identifying mixer transactions, their use has been reduced. Wasabi, for example, was deemed to be a popular and effective mixer by Europol, but its high fees and speed have attracted criminals.

A similar bitcoin mixer named Sinbad was launched after Blender was relaunched under a different name to avoid US investigation, and it has since cleaned tens of millions in stolen crypto-cash for North Korea’s Lazarus threat actor group. According to Elliptic, a research firm, the operators of Blender were likely also responsible for Sinbad. The researchers found a number of parallels between the two services, including on-chain patterns and specific transaction features.