What to Look For in Private Live-In Carers


Private live-in Carers offer bespoke, around-the-clock care to support someone in their own home. This can include help getting washed and dressed, preparing meals, accompanying the Client out in the community and general housekeeping. Private live-in Carers can also offer respite and sleep breaks for their Clients.

If your relative requires a higher level of care, nursing care may be necessary. A professional can be arranged to work with your family as a nurse or carer, but they will need to live in the house with your loved one and be supervised by health and social care professionals.

It’s important to consider the personal needs of your loved one, as this will be a very important decision. Ideally, you should seek recommendations from friends and neighbours for a suitable carer. However, many people find that they develop a close friendship with their live-in carer and often spend time together outside of working hours too.

Many agencies will carry out a full safety assessment of your relative’s home before the carer moves in. They may recommend installing carbon monoxide and smoke alarms or other safety precautions, such as a panic button for emergencies. They will also ensure your relative has sufficient household insurance cover to protect their carer in the event of an accident or theft.

It is also a good idea to have liability insurance to cover the Carer if they are driving your loved one around. Most insurers will provide this for a small extra charge and it’s worth checking your carer’s vehicle is insured before they begin work. Private live-in Carers