Why Your Dryer Is Not Spinning


You count on your dryer to help get your laundry done, but when it stops spinning you need to know what’s going on. Dryers have a lot of moving parts that all need to work together. If one of them is damaged, the entire machine can stop working properly. Fortunately, you can often fix the issue yourself if you are comfortable working around high-voltage electricity and flammable materials.

First, make sure the dryer isn’t unplugged or a circuit breaker has been flipped off. Then, look inside to see if the long, thin drive belt that powers the motor and drum is loose or broken. This is the most common cause of a dryer not spinning, and it is usually easy to diagnose. Just reach your hand into the drum and try to turn it, if it turns easily the drive belt is probably fine. If you feel resistance, the belt is likely broken and needs to be replaced.

Another simple solution is to check if the door switch or sensor is tripped. This is a safety feature that prevents the dryer from running when the door is open. A simple check of the peg in the door switch is usually all that is needed, but if it’s bent or broken you’ll need to replace the switch. dryer is not spinning