Cloud Gavel Offers Law Enforcement Training at Discounted Rates


Founded in 2010, cloud gavel is located in baton rouge, louisiana and operates in the Application Computer Software business / industry within the Business Services sector. The company’s primary product is an eWarrant solution that allows law enforcement officers to generate warrants from any device with internet access. This enables them to act on probable cause while on the scene, reducing the chances of suspects being tipped off and fleeing. eWarrant also saves officer work hours, and helps agencies reduce unplanned overtime due to warrant processing and filing paperwork.

The eWarrant system is designed to allow law enforcement officers to request search and blood draw warrants on the spot using their mobile devices. This speeds up the process and allows medical personnel to take a sample before normal dissipation of alcohol in the suspect’s body. This can significantly increase the true BAC reading as opposed to the actual BAC reading obtained from a breath sample.

In addition to the eWarrant solution, cloud gavel offers a range of tools that can help solo practitioners and small law firms improve billable time by automating administrative tasks, reducing operating costs, and eliminating paper. Gavel includes client intake, document automation, case management, file storage and messaging, as well as a centralized document vault and client portal.

FusionStak is proud to be partnering with the National Command and Staff College to provide advanced law enforcement training to our users of cloud gavel at discounted rates. This will vastly accelerate leadership training for our law enforcement community. cloud gavel