Cloud Utility Management for Local Governments


Cloud utility management is all about enabling your staff and customers to access your services and data anytime, anywhere, from any device. It involves the use of a multitenant environment to host software, databases, and other infrastructure that allows for fast internal communications and simplified data interpretation. It’s also about reducing costs and gaining peace of mind for your citizens and stakeholders with a fully integrated suite of asset, customer information, and billing solutions.

Whether it’s to support customer service, data analytics, or pipeline streamlining, your community needs a system that delivers efficiency and peace of mind for your residents. With our highly rated, fully integrated software suite, you can manage your day-to-day operations and connect with your citizens 24/7. Our team of local government experts is dedicated to providing reliable, friendly support and keeping you informed with the latest best practices.

Achieve the scalability and performance utilities need for mission-critical financial systems and CIS with a range of deployment options, including a dedicated region, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. We offer flexible data residency and latency options to meet your regulatory requirements.

Reduce your IT budget and risk by outsourcing your core utilities infrastructure to a proven service provider. We take care of hardware, software, and security to free your team up to focus on other important business priorities. We also provide a full suite of disaster recovery capabilities to protect your data and business continuity. Get started today with a free demonstration of our gWorks platform. cloud utility management