How Stitch Clothing Transforms the Apparel Industry


Using data-driven personalization and artificial intelligence machine learning systems, Stitch Clothing has disrupted the apparel industry by upending the traditional retail experience for its customers. From sketch to stitch, the company brings the design and manufacturing process of garment production into the digital realm – giving its multi-channel customers a seamless, personalized shopping experience across omnichannel platforms.

When you sign up with Stitch, you pay a $20 styling fee (which goes towards any purchase you make) and then receive a box that contains five pieces that are hand-picked by a stylist just for you based on your style profile and style quizzes. You then have three days to decide what you want to keep and send back the rest.

To build your profile, you answer questions like “what types of jewelry do you wear,” and there are even quizzes that ask you to rate photos of different styles of clothing so the system can learn what you do and don’t like. The algorithm can then match those preferences with clothing they have in stock, and recommend items to suit you.

But the human element is important too, says Lake. The stylists and the algorithms help to make sure that Stitch’s selections are in tune with what you actually want to wear, rather than what the company thinks you want. And that’s why the service is so popular—because it’s more of a fashion consultation than an online shopping cart. . Stitch Clothing