How to Choose a Local Heating Engineer


Whether it’s a dripping tap or an inoperable boiler, a good local heating engineer can be an absolute lifesaver. But, when it comes to choosing the right tradespeople for your home, there’s a lot to think about — you want to make sure that they’re qualified, experienced, and fair with their pricing structure. And of course, you need to be confident that they can fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

When looking for a local heating engineer, make sure they’re Gas Safe registered. It’s against the law to work on a gas-producing appliance without being registered, which could lead to dangerous situations such as gas leaks, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. A Gas Safe registered heating engineer can undertake a range of jobs such as fitting a new heat-producing appliance, solving heating problems, carrying out repair work or completing an annual gas safety check on your boiler.

If the UK is to achieve its net-zero targets, then a significant transformation will need to be made in the way that homes are heated. This will likely involve changing from fossil fuels like oil and gas to low carbon alternatives such as heat pumps and solar thermal. It will also likely involve upgrading existing heating systems, the creation of district heating networks and changes to household gas pipework.

While it’s possible to hire an individual tradie for these tasks, you might find that working with a larger service provider is more convenient. Bigger service providers are more likely to have a heating engineer near you at any given time and will be able to send one out immediately, decreasing the chance that you’ll have to wait ages for someone to come around.  local heating engineer