The Science of Sound for Healing


The sounds we encounter throughout the day have a significant impact on our mood. The hum of the refrigerator, songs on the radio, aeroplanes soaring overhead, wind rustling the leaves; each frequency has a direct effect on our brainwave patterns. Certain frequencies are uplifting while others can leave us feeling stressed and anxious. Sound therapy, known as a form of vibrational medicine, uses high-vibe frequencies to encourage feelings of well-being.

The science behind the power of sound is gaining ground in modern times. There is now evidence that music is a powerful tool to reduce stress and increase emotional wellbeing, as well as aiding physical healing. A growing number of medical professionals are incorporating it into their treatment regimes.

A few minutes of listening to soothing music has been found to stimulate the release of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine in our bodies. This is why so many of us turn to recorded or live music when we are feeling low. This type of healing, called cymatics, is the process of using vibrations to affect the body at a cellular level.

During a sound healing session you will lie on a mat or meditation carpet and your practitioner will play a variety of instruments to envelop you in vibrations. These instruments can vary from the deep earthy gongs to the ethereal crystal singing bowls and chimes. Often the music isn’t rhythmic and practitioners work intuitively with different energetic highs and lows to shift energy within the body.

One of the most profound ways sound heals is through a principle called resonance and entrainment. We are all naturally vibrating at a particular frequency which is unique to each organ and body system. These are known as the resonant frequencies and when another sound with a similar resonant frequency approaches we will resonate in resonance with it. This is why tuning forks, crystal bowls and singing bowls have such an impact on our bodies and why sound healing is so effective.

This resonating can be used to help balance the chakras, the energies in the body that are aligned with our mental and emotional health. It can also be used to help clear limiting beliefs that may be blocking our full potential and to help release any emotions that no longer serve us.

While the exact mechanism behind these benefits is being researched, what is known is that sound therapy can activate our parasympathetic state, which allows our body to relax and rest instead of remaining in the fight or flight response of our sympathetic nervous system. This is a great way to promote healing from physical ailments such as migraines, sciatica and even anxiety and depression. It can also be helpful in releasing addictions, fear, anger and other emotions that are no longer serving our growth. Sound for healing